In The Media

The COV study and program have received a great deal of media attention. Some focus on the study when it began; others summarize the results from the study. Below are links to a few of the stories and videos from local and national media organizations.

University of California San Francisco Media

UCSF School of Nursing “Science of Caring” video and article (6/1/13):

UCSF The Art of Healing (12/8/14)

UCSF press release about the findings from the study (10/18/18):

National Endowment for the Arts media

NEA Art Works blog (2/15/13)

National Institute on Aging Media:

National Institute on Aging “Featured Research” (2/15/19)

National Media

Associated Press video (10/4/13)

Chorus America (5/29/14)

New York Times blog (6/20/16)

Next Avenue (11/22/16)

Psychology Today (11/9/18)

Reuters Health (12/6/18)

CNN Staying Well (4/12/19)

Local Media

The New Fillmore (4/1/13)

San Francisco Chronicle (10/28/13)

El Tecolote story in Spanish (12/20/13)

Mission Local story and video (5/9/2014) KALW radio story (10/17/2016)

Senior Beat (4/12/2019)